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Live Workflow Report Query/Feature Request

Just wondering if there is a way to display N/R (or something similar) for Optional/not required tasks in the Live Workflow and Reports.
E.g. Welsh Group have several tasks which are optional and are removed from the Workflow when not required (DA Drawings, ClipSpec Drawings and CIL), on the Live Workflow, these show in the Columns as blank. When you hover over the field, “No Data” is displayed for those tasks that have been removed, which is correct, however, from a glance, there is no way for management to tell if the task is required or not. Having some other value such as N/R or N/A in the field would make it more obvious for the tasks to be ignored.
Alternatively, if there was a way to enter a bogus date for these fields, such as 1/1/1900, that would be great.

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