Purchase Order Integration

Import – Purchase Orders

Tables: tblInterfacePOHeader


                        These transactions should be raised as soon as the client system creates the
                        new or changed entry. 


tblinterfacepoheaders Header of the Purchase Order


inoperationcode = 0

sgPOReference* = Purchase order number

sgLookupContract* = Contract number in ClickHome

sgSupplierExtRef* = Vendor Key, see Vendor Integration for more info

dtPODate* = Po Date

cdStatus* = 'C' = Cancelled or 'I' = Issued to Supplier

crTotalPrice* = Total Price of PO

crTotalTax* = Tax Value

cdResult = 'Lookup'

fkidcontract = NULL

cdjobtype = 'C'



sgPOReference* = Purchase order reference number same as above to link the lines to the Header

inSequence* = Sequence Number of the line item 

sgcostcode* = CostCentre of the Line item

dcLineQuantity* = Quantity of the Line

cdUOM* = Unit Of measure description

crUnitPrice* = Price per Unit

sgItemCode* = Item Code

sgItemDescription* = Item description

crExtendedPrice* = Total price for line item

crExtendedTax* = Tota tax for line item

sgLookupContract* = ClickHome Contract Number

cdResult= 'Lookup'

cdjobtype = 'C'