If the prompt for parameters selection doesn't show when running reports, like below:

Type CTRL+U then in the html script appearing grab the folder name that the aspnet_client is expecting to find the application crystalreportviewers12 in:

Depending of the version of IIS it can be 4_0_30319 or 4_6_1069 or newer.

Then go into the server where IIS is installed and check that the folder exists and that there is an application crystalreportviewers12 installed.

If not right click on the right folder>Add an Application.

Ensure that the application crystalreportviewers12 exists at the Default web site level as well.
If the folder itself doesn't exist, right click on system_web>Explore and create a new folder with the exact name from the html script (more likely to be 4_6_1069). Then add to it the application like described above.
make sure the physical path points to the the crystalreportviewers12 application  folder.

for CH2:

If you are having an issue with Icons displaying in CH2 in the browser; check that infragistics exists in IIS - if not, place it into the aspnet_client folder.

Also check if the app pool is set as ASPNET1.1 for ClickHomePrereqs & crystalreportviewers11.