In the Crystal Report create two string parameters variables called DOCSEC and DOCURL. DOCSEC is the sgDocumentName from the tblDocuments and DOCURL is the download file handler URL from the Validation Entries.

Create a formula called Source: 


+"&mode=w&size=1500&hr=1" is optional,

size=1500 - means the dimension is 1500 pixels.
mode=w - means the size refers to width of the image.. else it refers to height of the image. This means you can scale an image to fit your page.
hr=1 - means 300 DPI
hr=2 - means 400 DPI
hr=3 - means 600 DPI

Mode can either be H or W (Height or Width) and then a size can be specified.

Insert a dummy image into the report and set the Source formula in the graphic location of the image (right click > picture > graphic location)

Under the format editor (right click on the dummy image) ensure that "Can Grow" is checked

See attached example.

For the report to be sent as an activity report with an image, the ClickHome3 build has to be at least on 33.400 and the following Validation entry needs to exist:


It points to the download file handler, to know which value to set in sgText1 take the internal link of ClickHome3 less default.aspx and add DownloadFileHandler.aspx instead.



To check if the url is right, change DownloadFileHandler to default and log in IE. You should get the login screen (no https if on server)

If the image is not displaying, check that the Source generates the right path: place the formula next to the dummy image in the report, run it and copy paste the value in the browser from the web server.

If no image is found it can be:

- the Validation Entry for the DownloadFileHandler is not right (has the app pool been refresh?)

- the DownloadFileHandler url does not appear on the Source formula: edit the formula and add directly the value from the Validation Entry, for example: 


No need of DOCURL parameter in this case.

- the doc url is or the doc id is not right (check your query)

The only to test report that should display several photos is to run them from the front end.