Sometimes your ClickHome windows service will have a fault where in the Services front end it displays "Started" but it is not processing Back End Jobs or adding entries to the Windows Service Logging files/folder.

Your windows service could be in a state where it is no longer Running, but is not showing as Stopped or Paused. For more information on Windows Service states see below.

System.ServiceState can return the following codes:

0 - service running;

1 - service paused;

2 - service starting (start pending);

3 - service pausing (pause pending);

4 - service starting after pause (continue pending);

5 - service stopping (stop pending);

6 - service stopped;

255 - unable to get current service state.

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To ensure you proactively detect these changes to the Service State you can request your IT Department to implement additional monitoring and notifications on the services.

One such suggested solution is below: