To start the ClickHome for iPad app, click on the ClickHome App.

The first screen displayed is the Home Screen.

The Home Screen is the start page for the Application. It contains:

  • Statistics
  • Icons
  • Battery status
  • Base Menu


Takes you to the Job List

Takes you to a list of your Inspections

Displays your supplier list/address book

Open the Sync screen


Statistics are shown in a row of tabs along the top: Job, Inspection, Supplier, Sync. These vary the white table in the middle area of the screen.


Late Confirmations

These statistics give a summary of the status of Call & Confirm tasks. Firstly the number of  confirmations that have not replied in the time frame allowed.

Rejected Confirmations

The number that have rejected the call up. A click on either Late or Rej will cause a list of the specific tasks to be displayed.

Late Call Ups

List of late Call Ups

Today’s Tasks

The number of tasks allocated to the “Supervisor” for today. Clicking on this statistic will result in a list of those tasks being displayed.

New Notes

The number of new notes (discussions) that are applicable to this Supervisor’s jobs. Click on the statistic and a list of the new discussions will be displayed.


Jobs                        The number of outstanding Inspections relating to Jobs
Trades The number of outstanding Inspections relating to Trades


Failed Messages     

The number of messages that have failed. This will include items from the next statistic Phone Calls Due. Click on this statistic and a display of the suppliers impacted will be displayed.

Phone Calls Due

The number of outstanding phone calls the supervisor has to make. Click on this statistic and the list of calls due will be displayed.

Today’s Deliveries

The number of deliveries for today that need to be checked. Click on this statistic for a list of the tasks concerned to be displayed.

Suppliers Required

The number of tasks that do not have a supplier for the jobs on this Device. Click on this statistic and a list of the tasks concerned will be displayed.

View Requisitions



Items to Upload

This is the number of items waiting to upload at the next synchronization. A click and hold on this statistic will display a full list of the possible upload types and the number of items waiting to be part of the


Hrs Sync

The hours since a synchronization has occurred.