To access the jobs, click on the Main screen icon Job List and the following will be displayed. The Job List screen displays all of the jobs for the current supervisor or any other supervisors that the current supervisor manages. 

The body of the screen contains:

Job (Contract) Number

by clicking the Job Number, the system opens up the #Contract Details Screen at the Details Tab where the screen shows the basic static detail of the job relating to the client. 

Job Address

the lot number and as much of the construction address that is possible to display. 

Days Ahead

the number of days + or - that the job is ahead or behind the baseline. The meaning of + or – is set in the User Preferences Jobs screen

Status Icon

The Call Sheet is opened by clicking on the house icon on the right of each row. The Call Sheet is a list of all tasks that need to be completed for the Job and is similar to the paper Call Sheet. 

The Status column displays icons that have different colours which represent the different states that the Job can be in:

Please see the following article for more information on House Status Icons

Filter Icon

The List option provides the ability to change the jobs that are displayed in the Job List.


Allows the Job List to be filtered by region.

Filter by Status

Pending , Active, Waiting Payment, Maintenance, On Hold, Closed – These options allow for the filtering of the Job List by the Job Status, therefore these items are mutually exclusive.

Filter by Supervisor

If you are the senior supervisor you can choose which supervisor jobs you want to see.


Selecting Sort, allows the jobs to be display in by the following: Address, Construction Order, Job Number, Lot Number or Priority, in ascending order.