Once a tender has reached the contract status, you can no longer edit the tender. 

Creating a variation enables you to include or exclude packages, options and custom options once a tender has reached the contract status.

Select the Tender and click on the Add New Tender Variation button .

The new Tender Variation screen has the Variation Name that can be edited, Variation Type , the Status and Print button where you can select the type of Variation report to print out depending on the type of variation.

The different Tender Variation Status are as below:

 (1) - Select an option variation 

 (2) - The selected option will be displayed in the section (2)

 (3) - The Reprice button when clicked will update all selected variation prices with the new prices in the database.

(1) - Excluded options or packages will be displayed as in the section (1)

(2) - This the Total Variation Price for all selected packages and options (included and excluded).