Release Notes - ClickHome iPad - Version 1.0.222

Improvements and Features

  • Days Ahead behind now calculates working days and not calendar dates.
  • Seniors now get to see todays tasks/deliveries from supers on their iPad.
  • Immediate take a Photo from an inspection question
  • iPad code now allows auto dialling phone numbers from the home screen/suppliers tab/phone if phone app (eg skype) is installed.
  • New preference setting - Automatically prompt to update the Contract Schedule Status when you open CallSheet
  • (Settings icon> User Preferences > Jobs)


  • Inspections automatically shows comment box and higlights the row when a comment is required
  • Stage View now remembers last position when clicking in and out of tasks


  • Scheduled Allocations for Suppliers / Trades on iPad now shows date header
  • When scheduling a task with Call & Confirm, the task will now show in Wizard's 'Active' List
  • Requisition Details screen 
  • Fixed Screen Orientation Scroll bar on Rescheduling Reasons screen
  • Baseline dates are updating on sync
  • Inspections - issues with areas on questions
  • Downloading a document no longer resets filter
  • Inspection Comment Fields Keyboard overlay issue fixed
  • "Scheduled for alternative date provided by the supplier" is now showing correct date
  • Task cannot be completed if the inspection fails - Also requires 3.2.1 Server upgrade
  • Linked tasks show correct date, even when key task is scheduled on weekend / non working day.
  • New tasks now show up in correct stage
  • Task scheduling details get removed from common callsheet before sync
  • Sync counter resets to 0 for contract notes after sync.
  • Task progress percentage and start/end dates now showing correctly on common callsheet
  • Corected Task order on common callsheet
  • Fixed Date format on Items to Upload > Discussions
  • Fixed Date Format in Common Callsheet
  • Improved error handling of photo uploads
  • Documents and Linked Documents title and description now correctly show on filter