When a Construction Job is put on Hold, you can add a message to all active trades and suppliers will be sent stating the job is on hold and will also Notify the Contract Admin (CA).

This can be customized using tblStandardProcess table, by setting the op code - 2115 (Change Contract Status To H) and inserting XML string of the operations required in run events. 

E.g: Insert the xml operation for Send on hold for all active tasks

      <actions> <action name="Send On Hold For All Active Tasks" opcode="1010"> </action> </actions> 


op code 1010 - Send On Hold For All Active Tasks 

op code 1011 - Send On Hold For Not Started Tasks


Note : Make sure cdContactMethod in tblUsers and tblSuppliers is set to E with a valid email address. If using op code 1010, ensure cdTaskStatus in tblWorkitems is set to S.