Bugs and Fixes

[CA-2595] - Fixed issue where callback task does not re-create Inspection

[CA-2599] - Fixed Issue where tenders list screen was not showing contract numbers.

[CA-2600] - Fixed Issue where selections picked in MyHome would display the description instead of the name in ClickHome.

[CA-2605] - Fixed Issue where Pre-Construction documents would not be sent as attachments on call-ups.

[CA-2610] - Fixed Issue where navigation of reminders would show notes appearing for incorrect contracts

[CA-2613] - Fixed Integration with clients where contact method was not correctly taking into account when searching for at least 1 contact type.

[CA-2616] - Fixed Browser compatibility with Mobile Leads and traffic navigation.

[CA-2621] - Fixed Issue where deleted maintenance Issue still showed up on field device.

[CA-2627] - Fixed Issue where after resetting a task it still kept the planned date.

[CA-2629] - Fixed Display issue where having multiple note type flex fields caused some overlap in screen.


[CA-1972] - Ability to have Abandoned reason as a (non) mandatory field. Introduced a new system setting "ClickHome.UserInterface.StatChgNeedsReason"

[CA-2103] - Added the ability to run reports from Mobile Leads

[CA-2266] - Added ability to choose completion day of a task when completing (User needs security 7502, 'Change when task completed').

[CA-2456] - Note Search is now case insensitive

[CA-2609] - Added Warning message when selecting documents after applying filter (it selects all documents not just filtered)

[CA-2617] - Added Additional Job Details for MyHome

[CA-2619] - Added Stage Name to tasks in MyHome for better grouping.