Release Notes - ClickHome iPad - Version 3.7.13

New Features:

  • [IO-870] - Ability to add reminders on iPad, for more info click here 


  • [IO-918] - Added Link to inspection screen from the task. Whilst trying to complete a task and if an inspection has to be completed beforehand. Then a prompt will be displayed to navigate to the inspection screen.

  • [IO-944] - Added a new filter in the calendar - to show tasks which are assigned to external trades.


  • [IO-952] - Added a link to iPad online user guide on the Home Screen. 


  • [IO-924] - Added ability to add photos from other tasks.


Bug fixes

  • [IO-906] - Fixed issue where Linked documents used to get wiped out when toggled view.
  • [IO-932] - An on-screen message on the iPad will now prompt the user to remove the delivery instruction upon scheduling the task if there has already been one previously entered for that task so as to not cause duplicate instructions where the first instruction is no longer relevant.
  • [IO-939] - Fixed issue where user was unable to access hamburger menu from PO matching screen post sync
  • [IO-940] - Fixed issue where navigation from wizard screen to other screens links were broken.
  • [IO-943] - Fixed UI issues on Inspection screen.
  • [IO-914] - If the response from a supplier in JobFile contains an apostrophe it will now come through to the iPad correctly. Previously it was displaying miscellaneous characters in the response instead of the apostrophe.
  • [IO-948] - Fixed issue where the areas marked to be excluded was still updating data to the server after Sync.
  • [IO-966] - Fixed issue where navigation between screens was slower due to many linked documents
  • [IO-922] - Fixed issue where changing resource code of the supplier in ClickHome Application, used to not update on iPad.
  • [IO-942] - Fixed issue for Days ahead not displaying for jobs
  • [IO-870] - Fixed issue where the location on the map wasn't displayed after sync.
  • [IO-935] - Inspection questions to be displayed in question order instead of Alphabetical order.


  • [IO-236] - Added the ability to display Client name on Job lists screen


  • [IO-931] - Discussions/notes in iPad are now displayed in descending order.
  • [IO-945] - Added the ability to display the name of the Template on inspection screen.


  • [IO-947] - Ability to display the inspection lists in Alphabetical order while creating Adhoc inspection.
  • [IO-955] - Added ability to access PO matching from Callsheet of the job.


  • [IO-870] - When clicked on Capture current location of the job site from the iPad, a warning displays to reconfirm. 

  • [IO-782] - Made UI Changes in Common Callsheet to use more conveniently.