Uninstalling ClickHome Mobile Manager on Apple device 

Sometimes it might happen that ClickHome keeps crashing no matter what you try. In these situations it is best that you uninstall ClickHome and do a fresh installation.

This article will talk you through some basic troubleshooting with ClickHome on the iPad/iPhone. The set of instructions will direct you on how to stop the application running the background. We’ll do this first as this is the least time consuming method, solves 90% of application crashing issues and doesn’t require an internet connection.

We’ll begin by bringing up all of the applications running in the background of your Apple device. Begin by pressing the home button twice. This is the only button found on the face of the Apple Device.
            photo 1.JPG        

The pressing of this button needs to be done quite quickly and will bring up a list of applications that are still running in the background. This is shown below.

photo 2.JPG

Search this list of applications for the ClickHome icon. To search this list slide your finger along the bottom row of icons. If you can’t find the ClickHome application in this list, you’ll need to proceed to the last section of this document about uninstalling ClickHome.

To close the application you’ll need to first press and hold on one of the icons. Please note that the icon you hold down on needs to be in the bottom row. These will be the highlighted icons. Clicking anywhere else on the ipad will exit this feature. This is shown in the image below.


photo 3.JPG

Little red cirlces with a – symbol, contained within, should appear once the icon has been held onto for about two seconds. Tap on the little red cirlce that appears on the ClickHome Icon as shown below.

photo 4.JPG

Once this has been pressed you’ll notice that the application has been removed from the bottom row of used applications.

photo 5.JPG

From here you should be able to load the application as you would normally on the iPad. If this hasn’t resolved your issue please continue onto the next chapter, Uninstalling ClickHome.


Uninstalling ClickHome

Please note you’ll need access to the internet for this step.

Find the ClickHome application on your iPad. Like before press and hold on the application until a little red circle with a – symbol contained within appears. Click on the red circle to remove ClickHome. Install the application, this can be in the Download the ClickHome Mobile Manager section of this document.