iOS Releases

All iPad Releases will be announced here. From time to time we require beta testers for new features - if you are interested, please contact support.

All release notes will be here 

iPad version 3.1.2 release notes. Review the list of changes.

The version number has changed for consistency with ClickHome3.

iPad version 3.6.12 has been released. The version of the iPad will closely follow the ClickHome3 version number. This version is not compatible with ClickHome2.

Review the full list of changes.

iPad version 3.6.16 has been release. This is a minor fix for linked tasks on a preplanning action. See release notes.

iPad version 3.7 will be released shortly. Significant improvements in the common callsheet. a new Reminders system to help keep on top of issues and other improvements and bug fixes. See release notes.

We will be releasing iPad version 3.7.32 tomorrow. This version is primarily focused on improving uploading inspection documents from the iPad as well as the PCI inspection hotfix. See release notes.

We have released an update 3.7.42 today. This version fixed two problems in Inspections. 1) Handling of some special characters in signature fields, and 2) Handling of Skipped Areas data.

We are about to release update 3.7.51. This version fixes problems with inspection photos. Release notes here.

We have discovered a bug on the iPad which creates duplicate supplier records on the iPad which then appears to show duplicated tasks on callsheets. This will be fixed in a hotfix release ASAP (hopefully early next week).

In the meantime, users can do a rebuild to clean up the supplier list - but they should sync first.

We are about to release update 3.9.17. Please see release notes here.

We are about to release iPad version 3.9.29. We have resolved a minor issue attaching photos/documents from iPad did not work if document was added and task was scheduled in same sync. 

Please see release notes here.

We have released a hotfix version 3.9.30. This fixes a compatibility issue with IOS 12. Updates to start date and due date returning to the iPad after schedule and sync were out by 2 days. This did not affect schedule dates such as planned or completed.

You asked, we listened! The hotly anticipated 3.11 version of iOS is here!

Jam-packed with tons of new features and screens you’ve all been asking for, we’re excited to announce version 3.11 for iOS. Introducing powerful, new features such as sticky notes, Job Not Ready notifications, maps and much more. Make sure you read the full release notes

We have released 3.11.25 a minor release with some small improvements.

release notes here

We have released 3.11.30 version of iPad Mobile Manager. 

It includes a few  improvements to Requisition, Job Not Ready and some minor bug fixes.

Please read release notes for details.