The job is the backbone of the ClickHome system.

Within ClickHome the terms Contract and Job are synonyms for each other. What could be described as a Job in Leads becomes a Contract in PreConstruction and Job in Construction all under the umbrella of a master contact.

For ease of documentation we will follow the way that the screen that is being described has identified it. If the Job exists there are a number of ways to find the Job.

1. Use the Search function at the top of the Navigation Tree section of the screen


2. Select Jobs from menu items and then select a sub menu item Inquiry. (Jobs Inquiry)


3. Select one of the Detailed menu items in the Jobs drop down menu and the resultant Job Listing can be sequenced various ways to allow for easy location of the job.


If a New Job is required this can done by selecting the New ... item in the Jobs drop down menu. This takes you to a screen that checks to see if the client or a job already exists so that duplications can be avoided.