Contract Management Screen

To manage different aspects of the Job please navigate to Job -> Management as per below.Here you can find many management functions.

The options under this screen are discussed below.

Delete Contract Mark Contract Number Reusable


 Controlled removal of the contract. Changes the value in bStdActive so the contact is effectively removed.


Change Contract Status


Used to alter the Contract Status workflow and gives utilities to allow follow up at a later date in case of delay or other client/builder issues.

Change Contract Administrator


 Allows you to Allocate a different Contract Administrator to the Lead/Preconstruction/Build.


Change Salesperson

Changes the Salesperson against the Job, can be configured to send out notifications if this changes.


Delete Optional Tasks

Removes custom Optional tasks from the Call Sheet.


Reset Tasks

Resets tasks based off selection of options given. This will however not update contract status so that will have to be done if required in the Management tab. The percentage completed bar for the contract will get updated shortly after the tasks are reset and are processed in the database.

Super User Edit Task Details

Task override list for people with the Super User permission. Can individually edit dates and update fields with more access than via normal task screen.

Run Baseline/Forecast

Over ride function to recalculate Baseline or generate Forecast off the Date Start.
Also see article Baseline, forecasts and client advised dates


Purchase Order Loads

Allows a person with the permission (3260 - RerunPOLoad) to re-sun the Purchase Order load.

Unlock Suppliers

Unlock Suppliers

Contract Logs

Provides a log of events for the Contract