Job Inquiry

The Jobs Inquiry allows for a variety of selection criteria to provide a list of jobs that meet that criteria.

The main selection option available is headed Contract Details and identifies the main static components of a job.

There are two aspects of the slide bar that you should be aware of:-

1.    It will round to the nearest 50,000 when moving up (to the right) and stays on the value selected when moving down (to the left).

2.    If you move the From (left) value first the To (right) value is increased without moving the bar as the To value must eventually greater than the From value for a reasonable selection to take place.


To fine tune the selection there are a number of other selection options. The first being the various Roles applicable to a contract.


The Progress section allows for the selection of jobs that have optionally tasks or summaries matching the criteria selected.


The Notes section allows for up to three elements that can be present in a note attached to a job or in the note that is part of the contracts Common Details to be selected.


This allows for the nomination of specific content of up to nine Flex Fields to identify jobs to be selected.


Tags can be used to select jobs that have been previously tagged.


The Result section is unlike the other sections in that it is not part of the selection process but uses the entered selection criteria to identify the jobs that it will action. The actions that can be taken are:-

Add To Tag - will add the tag nominated to the jobs selected.

Save New Tag - will ensure the jobs selected will have the nominated tag and any other jobs with the same tag will have it removed.


The two buttons at the bottom right of the Inquiry screen allow for the the selection criteria to be cleared (Reset) and to Run the selection process.


The result of the Inquiry will be a list of jobs that meet the selection criteria from which a job can be selected by clicking on the job number. The job will then be displayed as described in the Contract Detail section.