Lead Job

When a new lead is created this is the screen where you can maintain the Lead.


The Common details will show you the basic details about the lead. Any field marked Red is a mandatory field. Any Field Dark Grey can not be changed in this screen (but needs to be changed in theManagement section by someone with the appropriate permissions to change this)


The Client overview pane. This pane gives you an overview of the first 2 contacts assigned against the lead. If there are more Clients. you can view these by clicking on the Client under contract detail in the navigation tree. Clicking on Add Client will give you a quick way of creating a new contact.


The Flex Fields overview pane will show you all the flex fields that have been filled out during the completion of the tasks or the flex fields that are required at a job level.



The Site Location allows you to change the Lot address of the property. You can change the Left hand Side of the screen. When you change this, the site address label will automatically update.



The Task List is the main area of the Lead Job. From here you will progress the lead until it becomes a sale. The Task Icons will show you the status of the task. You can then click on a task to go into that task by either clicking on the task in the main screen or clicking on the task in the left tree navigation.


Inside the task you will see the Instructions on how to complete this task.

You can now fill in the necessary answers to the Flex Fields. After which you can either save the information or Complete the task and move to the next task.