This screen allows a user to manage the client details, from titles, right through to the individual contacts that relate to the client (e.g. Mr Robert Smith as one contact and his partner Miss Diane Lane as the other interested party). That is to say a client is an abstraction of at most two interested parties, one of whom is the main contact. A client cannot exist without a contract.

The client details are visible in the contract level on the main contract page as well as the infopanel section: 

To navigate to the main client screen, click on the client name 

Client Header 

This displays overview information about the client and the first two contacts associated to the client. This can be minimised by pressing the top right hand up arrow, and vice versa to expand it.

Common Details Section

Field NameDescription
TypeType of Client
  • Family
  • Organisation
Client Title

The formal title used within the application to summaries the clients names

Letter Title

The title that would be used when auto generating formal documents like letters, tenders and contracts.


Less formal greeting, auto populated with a combination of clients contacts first names, used mainly for automatic emails. 

Casual Greeting
Even less formal, used for any informal communication (normally set to nick names when available, but will default to first names only).
Tax No
When the client is set as a company, the tax file reference.
Tag edit field to allow management of tags against this client. See the Tags section for more information.
Home Address

This section records the main communication address of the client. This can be automatically populated from the main contacts ('Contact Point') address details, or it can be separate.

Add Contacts

New contacts can be added by scrolling down and adding the new contact details in the empty contact field. Once a new contact has been added, click on the Save button on the top right corner of the contract section. Multiple contacts can be added to the contract in a similar way. 

Contact Edit

To edit the contact details of the main contact or the secondary contacts, click on the field to make changes to and input the new values. Once the contact fields are updated, click on the Save button to register the changes.

Client Satisfaction

When looking through jobs you will immediately notice the customer satisfaction face icons which represent the satisfaction 

level of clients for their particular contract. If you hover your mouse cursor over the icon it will show you what they mean.

The different satisfaction icons are Happy, Satisfied, Neutral, Unhappy, Unknown.