ClickHome 3 has a search function located at the top of the Navigation Tree. Where the search occurs is determined by the drop down filter selected.



Enter the job number, clients name, or part of the address and the matching jobs are listed.


You can see from the Contract filter and the entry of Stephen that the result shows a variety of job types with a client of Stephen and a job with a lot address that has a street with Stephen in the name. To select the job you require you simply click on the job number. This will then display the Contract Detail.


The same search but with Lead as the filter results in the following DOC0007.jpg

You can see that the list is now restricted to only those jobs that are Leads that include Stephen. Again to select the job you require you simply click on the job number. This will then display theContract Detail.


The same search with Construction as the filter results in the display going straight to the Contract Detail as there was only one construction job that met the filter criteria. This can seen in the information displayed when the filter was Contract above.


If the same search is done with Pre-Construction as the filter the result is


The list is now restricted to the two PreConstruction jobs


If we then search with the filter of Client the following results


This list is all clients with Stephen in the client name. Click on the name to go to the Client Detail.


The various resources can be searched by entering a name or reference that is recorded in the resource details. In this case the name Sood and the following results


The list of resources with the matching name are listed and by clicking on the name the Resource details are displayed.

Return to Search Result

After taking whatever action you required from the selected list it is possible to return to the last selection you have made by clicking on the Results entry in the Navigation Tree.