Tags are a method of ‘tagging’ certain records, whether that be Clients or specific jobs (leads, preconstruction or construction). You are able to create any number of tags for any purpose, they are just a way grouping records together, so that you can either return a set list (search by tags), or perform some bulk action (Bulk Operations). Over time the records within certain tags can be removed and added so that the tags evolve through manual management (see Adding/Editing Tags against Clients and Contracts).

There are Public and Private tags. Public tags are shared with everyone in the system (but does not override the inherent contract and task security), whereas Private tags are just for your use, and no one else see’s these tags or can use these tags.

Advanced use of tags would allow a user to select all clients in a tag but not in another tag, hence performing advanced combinatoric logic searches.

User Scenarios

A possible use scenario for Tags relates to the need to do a bulk email to a list of clients that are at a certain stage in preconstruction at a certain council (i.e. Building Licence submission but not received), so that we can inform them of extended delays due to council processing. A user would search for a list of preconstruction jobs where ‘Building Licence Sent’ is complete by ‘Building Licence Received’ is not complete, then they would (in the search results screen) add a private tag of ‘council sub’. The user would then navigate to the bulk operations screen and select the new tag they just created, and perform the action of exporting the email addresses and bulk recording a note to say they have sent an email to them, informing them of the delays.

Operations: Adding Tags

You can a tags to items individually or collectively. There are some Opcode permissions related to Tags

View Tags
View Attached Records
Create Public Tags
Create Private Tags
Untag Public Tags
Delete Public Tag
Delete Private Tag
Untag Private Tag
Add to Public Tag

Tags created are private by default. To create public tags, you put an exclamation mark preceding the tag name .e.g.

  • !Publictag
If the user only has permission to create a private tag, then this will create a private tag called Publictag. If the user does not have permission to create private tags, but does have permission for public tags, this will get created as a public tag.

Single Edit

You can add tags to single contract, client and specific jobs by going to their main screen. Screen Shot below.

Adding Tags

Deleting Tags

Group Edit

When operating on list of jobs (any type) or clients, a tag icon appears in the top right hand corner. This allows the user to tag all items that are currently ticked in the list, and then add/replace a tag from all of these items.


Show Detailed Leads


Choose a date range

Select the required contracts or all in the list and click on ‘Tag’.

You can give it a new tag name or add it to the existing Tags.

Operations: Exporting Information

Once you are done with that you can move over to Bulk operations from the Marketing branch on the left.

Choose a specific Tag and click Export.

You will be asked to save the file in a desired location.