There are various operations that can be carried out under bulk operations and they have been briefly described below.

This will work on contracts that have been tagged. (see tagging wiki for more information on how to tag the correct jobs).


Example: If you wish to change the sales person of all the contracts that were assigned to ‘Tom’ over to ‘Barry’. You will have to first tags all the contracts assigned to Tom (See ‘Tags’ section) and then go to bulk operations, choose that tag and assign it to Barry.



·         Selecting a Tag:


·         Adding Bulk Notes :


This adds a note to ‘Notes and activities’ section of all the contracts with the chosen tag.  


·         Removing Tags from all those contracts


·         Adding new Tags


·         Exporting information: you can export information into an excel sheet. This would be helpful when you try to send Marketing emails  using email id’s from an excel sheet.



·         Assigning Roles:


You can choose a set of contracts assigned to a certain resource like Sales Person or Supervisors and assign it to another person.


·         Add stop days:


These operations are used in the construction module to add in stop days so the Baseline can be recalculated.


·         Resend Outstanding faxes




·         Run baselines, Forecasts (Estimation) and PO Loads for Multiple contracts.

 Change Contract Statuses- Changes contract statuses for multiple jobs.