There are two ways you can configure a Senior Supervisor.

  1. By Areas or Regions - where the Senior Supervisor or Construction Area Manager has access to all jobs in that region
  2. By managing the relationship between the Senior Supervisor and the Subordinates

Option 1 is simple to configure
Find the Security Role of the senior supervisor (eg Construction Manager or Area Manager or Senior Supervisor).
Add or change the current Operation Code 'Field Device Download and View Contracts (5301)'.
Now configure the user to have access via a security role with the "Required Relationship" based on Business Unit, Business Unit and Region or Unlimited Jobs, and then ensure that the jobs have the region and business unit set correctly; and make sure that the User has Business Units and Regions set accordingly.

Option 2 is a more granular approach
Option allows you to use the direct relationship with the Senior and Subordinate Supervisors.

Firstly, ensure the Senior Supervisor role is configured correctly as follows.

The Required Relation can be any of the Senior Supervisor variations.. Job Types C and whatever status suits your requirements.
The Operation Code required is Field Device Download and View Contracts (5301) - as shown below.


The second step is to configure the relationship between Senior Supervisor and Subordinate.

You must specify that the Granted Relationship is Senior Supervisor as shown below.

It is also possible to be an acting supervisor on a particular job by using subscriptions. A supervisor subscribed to a job has the same abilities as an assigned supervisor on the job. This is useful for assigning a fill-in supervisor or senior supervisor for a particular job where you don't want the supervisor to have more security permissions or subordinates.