·         Each task in Clickhome can have a summary. (Leads Task, Pre Construction task or Construction Task).

·         Summaries are used for reporting purposes and for the Job Overview, one such example is under Reports section of the Knowledgebase. [Progress Summary Report]




Step up Summary:


o    Go to Administration à Company  à Summaries à Add new item

o   You can choose the same name as the task you are writing the summary for.

o   Ex:  ‘2nd Soil Report’ is summary for task ‘2nd Soil Report’.

o   Give it a Column number based on the position of the task.

This column number is important when configuring milestones as the highest milestone number will be updated on completion of task.

o   Ex: Considering deposit received to be the first task, give it the smallest Column number.





Map Summary to task:  



o   Go to Administration à Templates à Choose a template and click on the template you wish to edit.

o   If there are more than one template being used you will have to map the task, you will have to map the summary to all the templates (else jobs with those specific templates will not show up on the reports.

o   Ex:  ‘2nd Soil Report Ordered’ will have to attached to the respective Task in the template below and probably to another task called ‘Order Soil Report 2’ in the other template.

o   And click save and ‘Update changes to all jobs.




Summary Groups :


o   Go to Administration à Company  à Summary Groups à Add new item

o   Click On ‘Configure’ and start adding summaries under the ‘Summary Links’ Section

o   Save