You can Reset or Reactivate tasks in the Management tab for a specific Contract in the Navigation Tree.

Reset Task: Will re-set the task. If a task is planned it will Un-plan it and if the task was completed this will un-complete it. 

Reactivate: Will create an unplanned copy of the task (this will keep a historic record of the orignal task) .You will have to go back to the task that has been reactivated, and accept or delegate it to a user.

The percentage completed bar for the contract will get updated shortly after the tasks are reset and are processed in the database.




Resetting a single task:

Click on the kebab menu > Reset task

Click on Reset to confirm:

Resetting multiple tasks:

To reset multiple tasks within a job, select the tasks to reset (1). Next, click on With Selected (2) Reset (3)

Resetting tasks at the job level:

Note: Please be careful while using this function as this will affect all tasks within a job

Click on the kebab menu on the info-panel within the Leads, Pre-construction or Construction UI.

Select Workflows/Callsheets>Reset Tasks

Select the Reset type by clicking on the radio button:

Reset Active Tasks: This option will reset all tasks that are active. Note: Use this function only if you plan to restart the job.

Reset Tasks below 50% completed: This will reset all tasks that are less than 50% completed.

Reset Tasks not started: This will reset all tasks that have not yet started.

To finalise the reset process, click on the Reset Contract Task button.

Reactivating a task:

Click on the kebab menu on the task that needs reactivating. Click on Reactivate.

Confirm the reactivation by clicking on Reactivate. 

Reactivating multiple tasks:

To re-activate multiple tasks, select the checkboxes next to the tasks that need to be reactivated. Click on With Selected>Reactivate.

Click on the Reactivate button in the confirmation pop-up to confirm the reactivation of the selected tasks.