Go to Inspection Templates:


By Clicking on the + button you can add an inspection template.

Give it an inspection policy, nominate one or more failure actions, specify if it’s adhoc or not and put in some instructions.


Hit save and now you will see the edit button.


First you choose areas where this inspection is valid for.



Then you can add new questions by clicking on the add button.

Add your question, specify a category, set a type, a default answer and specify the failure numbers. Eg (for yes/no question, fail below 1 means if the answer is no do the fail action specified on the template). Comment below means if this question fails a mandatory comment must be specified, photo below means a photo must be taken if a question falls below that number.


Areas, you can ask questions against specific areas but not others. If left blank the question will show as "No Area Assigned".




Standard Comments, Here you can generate a list of standard comments the supervisor can choose from.