The basic icons are as follows:


For further details for clients with JobFile and how the Status' interact, please see this article.

Unplanned Tasks

Unplanned Tasks can show a few ways. Below are two examples. Site Signage has a resource allocated (Via the Template in this case, can also be via PO Load) but has not been Planned, so still shows the Unplanned icon. Commencement Insp does not have a resource and has not been planned so also shows the Unplanned icon.

Tentative planned

Task has been planned but notification period has not elapsed (more information here)

Planned Tasks

Planned Tasks show a Planned and a Called Date.

Call and Confirm

Task has been called up as Call and Confirm Method

Confirmed Tasks

Call up has been confirmed by supplier or supervisor

Rejected Tasks

There are two formats for rejected tasks.

Normal Call up has been rejected by the supplier or supervisor


Rejected Call and Confirmed Task


Rejected with Alternate Date

Below image task has been rejected by supplier with alternative date (supervisor needs to accept alternative date to change the date).

Completed Task

Task Has been completed. Shows the Cmp Date.