Replacing an Existing User:


 Delete the existing User and transfer the contracts to the new user. Steps:


1.       ‘Security Roles’ defines what licence a user has. Strip the license of the existing user.


a.       Make a note of what security roles the user has (So that you can replicate that for the new user).

b.      Choose all security roles and delete using the red cross on the left or the right top and click on ‘Save’






2.       Add the new user and give him/her the respective security roles.  Steps mention in the link below. (Users Section in this page)



3.       Now Assign the jobs from the old user to new.

a.       Choose the jobs you would like transferred by going to the respective job list.  I have attached a screen shot for construction.

b.      And Tag them by clicking on the Tags (Screen shot attched).




4.       Go to bulk operation to Assign all those jobs to the new Supervisor. (Screen shots provided)


a.       Choose that Tag.

b.      Choose the role you wish to assign, in this case supervisor.

c.       You will now see an option to choose user.

d.      Then click on Assign.

e.      After this, on top of this page you will see the list of jobs that were affected (for your reference).