Change Supervisor / Sales Person / Contract Admin for multiple jobs: (This will have to be done in 2 Parts)




Part 1:

You will have to first tag all the jobs which you want to move from one supervisor to another. 

a.       Filter the jobs using the 'Assigned to' section. In the example we will be giving Danny's jobs to someone else

(Hint:  To toggle between List and Grid View use the icon as shown here)

b.       Tick the box next to the column 'Job'. This chooses all jobs

c.       After choosing all jobs, click on 'Add Tag' option.  

d.       This will prompt you to enter the Tag name. Just enter the appropriate tag name and click OK.  



Part 1.1:      (if a user is leaving and all licences have been used)

a.      Get a list of Security Roles and Resource Allocations from the existing user that will be removed.

b.       Remove the user. (careful you don't remove system account) 

1. Select the users that is leaving. 

2. Click the X at the top right of the screen

c.        Add new user, and set up Security roles and Resource Allocations, copied from the user that was removed.

Part 2:


Go to 'Bulk Operations' Under Marketing, to Assign all those jobs to the new Supervisor. (Screen shots provided)


a.       Choose that Tag. Scroll down to 'Assign Roles' Section.

b.      Choose the role you wish to assign, in this case supervisor.

c.       You will then see an option to choose user.

d.      Choose supervisor you wish to assign it to and click on Assign.

e.      After this, on top of this page you will see the list of jobs that were affected (for your reference).




If you are assigning a jobs from Supervisor A to Supervisor B  temporarily  (Example if Supervisor A is going on Leave). 

You may have to go back to Bulk operations and perform Part 2 of this solution again, to give the same set of jobs back  to Supervisor A.