To enable Active Directory integration follow the below steps. This will void any ClickHome passwords and require your current Active Directory password to be used to access the clickhome website. Please be advised that if you have password policy settings to change your password regularly, this will require the iPad passwords for the supervisors to be updated aswell to reflect this change.

You will need to create the clickhome system setting 'ClickHome.Security.ADDomain' and give the Domain Name in SgTextValue1 field..

This will then bypass the passwords in the ClickHome database, setting them to a random number when required, and using this Domain name it will check Active Directory Authentication by Username to allow login.

You must make sure that the username is the same as the username as set in active directory and this should populate the login as explained above.

Note: Login to system user 0 can only be done with the name clickhome or administrator in the name for the local domain server (example, ClickAdministrator, ClickHomeAdmin, Clickhome etc all would login as the system user)- username and password.