A job that has been completed but is still displayed in the Job List for a Supervisor can be removed by using the following steps:

1. Search for the Job Number by typing it into the search bar and pressing Enter (make sure the drop down box to the left of the search box has the 'House' icon selected to search for contracts)

2. Click on the Job Number in the Job List screen

3. The left navigation panel will expand with all Contract Details. 

  1. Expand the Job/Contract Number
  2. Select "Management"

4. Click on the arrow located next to "Change Contract Status" to expand the Menu. 

5. Click on the "Contract Status" drop down box and select "Closed". If you wish to type in the reason for closing you can type this in the "Other Reason" field

6. Click "Change Status"

This will change the status to 'Closed' and should not be visible on the Job List of the Supervisor that job was assigned to, however they can be searched for (within ClickHome) and reported on as well (setting the search filter to All Supervisors will show the closed job).