A task that may no longer be conducted can be removed in ClickHome 3 by following these steps:

Please ensure that deleting the task does not break any links such as precedents or linked tasks before conducting these stepsOnce the task has been deleted from the template it will no longer show the next time that template is used for a job/contract. However it will still be shown for current active jobs/contracts that already have a supervisor assigned to it

1. First log in as a user with the System Administration security attached to their user profile

2. In the left pane, navigate to the template you want to change (i.e. PreConstruction, Construction, or Lead template) by scrolling down to the "Administration" node, select either Preconstruction, Construction, or Lead. Then, click on Templates.

3. Find the template you want to delete the task from and click on "Edit"

4. Select the task you want to delete by ticket the box next to the Template Item name

5. Click on the Delete icon in the top right hand corner

6. A pop up message "Delete Records" will appear. Click on Yes

7. A message in the bottom right hand corner of the screen should appear stating that the template item was Successfully deleted from the template.

8. Then click on the Save icon in the top right hand corner