To create a tender:

1. Navigate to an existing lead or a preconstruction job and then click on 'Tenders' underneath that lead or job in the navigation tree;

2. Next, click on the 'New Tender' icon on the top right hand side of the page;

3. After entering the tender screen, the first step is to choose a house type

To assist with this there is a search and filter pane on the left hand side.

If you need to use this to find the suitable house type;

4. Once you have selected a house type, select which price level is applicable to this tender by clicking on the value of the house and choosing the price level.

NOTE: If different pricing per region, area or zone isn't applicable to your company then you might not have different price levels to choose from so you can just leave it as default.

5. Now just click 'New Tender' to continue

6. You are now in the 'Tenders Edit' screen.

The first thing that helps, is to set the page to full screen view by clicking 'Full screen' at the top of the page;

This now provides more screen space to start editing the tender and going through the packages and options.

NOTE: If required there is a custom procedure that can be implemented which will auto select specific options and packages on creation of your tenders.

7. The tenders edit screen is split into 3 panes.

It is important to remember this as this is referenced throughout all of the support documentation for tenders.

1Shows the Price Breakdown of each item.
Adding or removing items in pane 2  will automatically change the pricing in pane 1.
Clicking on the light blue text will take you straight to those items in pane 2 (these are just shortcut hyperlinks to save scrolling up and down the page)

2This is a list of all the selections (Facades, Packages, Options and Custom Options) that you can make.
There are different selection types (Images, List Items, Single selections, Multiple Selections) depending on the types of Packages or Options available.

NOTE:These are put into order according to the following rules;
Package order; view type, order provided in admin section then alphabetically by name.
Option order; order provided in admin section then alphabetically by name.
3This pane shows the details of the selected package or option from pane 2.
e.g. below is an air conditioning package which consists of multiple individual options. 
The total price of this package is $0.00 as it is included in the standard house price.

At any point in time if you would like to change the width of a pane just hover your cursor over the edge line of the pane and when a horizontal arrow appears you can click and drag left or right.

8. Pane 2 and 3 are what we'll concentrate on now.

It is structured in order of; packages, standard options and then custom options.

Just move through these sections and make your selections using pane 3 for additional details and information where required.

You can also use the search bar in pane 2 to find a specific item.

As you navigate through the sections of pane 2 you will come to the options section.

You can view which options are included in the standard house price and which are included in the previously selected packages above.

You can also add extra quantities of options at this stage by clicking on the up down button in the 'Extra' column or typing in a number.

If you want to open all of the packages or options which are displayed in detailed view click on the small arrow on the right hand side of pane 2 at the top of that section;

Some options may be highlighted in orange.

This means that these options require a substitution.

The substitution is done by selecting the highlighted option, then in pane 3 making your choice in the choices tab by adding a choice and filling out the fields;

area, selection, qty, comment.

Then use 'Update option choice' button to see the option update in pane 2 and finish off by saving the whole page.

On completion of the substitution, the option will turn to green and the tender can now be saved.

To create a custom option you can add any non standard options in by clicking 'Click here to add new item' at the bottom of pane 2 in the custom options section.

The Custom option added for example (Golden Taps) below can include other options within it that were not available in the selection. 

Click on Convert to build up and you can select to add other available options not in the list of the Standard Options for this tender.

You can select the options to include from the screen that populates for all the options, the comments can be written down about the items and pricing status can be defined.

To select the pricing click on the drop down box.

To view all selected options, use the filter icon and select 'True'. 
This also applies to Packages.

9. Now we move to pane 1.
On the 'Overview' tab in pane 1, you can select different statuses to progress through a tender. 
i.e. Draft, Client Review and Rejected by Client

You can also select different tender types (depending on the business rules) and you can click on the print tab to print the tender details of the selected options and packages. 
When you click on the 'Reprice' button, the tender gets updated with the most recent prices loaded into the database for the packages and options;

10. Finally, click on the save button on the top right corner to save the Tender;

11. To return to the main tenders screen for that leed or job click on the tenders in the navigation tree

12. A tender list will display all of the tenders created for the leed or job as below:

Once the tender has been edited and gone through all of the statuses, it will become locked for editing when it reaches 'Contract' status;