To create tender package categories;

1. Go to Admin
2. Tenders
3. Package categories

4. Click on ‘Click here to add a new row’

5. Enter the name of the category
6. You can ignore ‘Action’ as this is just a shortcut link to the packages that will be created under the package category
7. Select the primary category of that package category (ClickHome Version 3.8)

8. Select which business units the package category is applicable to or All
9. Select a price function (see price functions solution on how to set these up).

10. Select whether the package category will require a colour ‘palette’ or not
11. Choose the view type which is the type of package category it will be displayed as in the tenders screen. 

This can be an ‘Image’ if it’s a category that could have a picture, it could also be a ‘link’ for external documents or just the ‘details’ of the package
12. Next, in the max column you can enter a number if you want to set a maximum number of packages to be displayed in this category
13. Max Value will then be the maximum packages a tender in this category can have 

eg. Facades - Only 1 facade can be chosen, you cannot select multiple facades
14. Finally, if you would like the categories to appear in a specific order you can order them
15. Click save

You are now able to create packages against this Package Category 

(see [Admin] Create Tender Packages)

NOTE: if you create a category and want to delete it you must select it first using the check box on the left

Then click on the delete button at the top and then click save

If you don’t save after deleting the item, it will not be deleted