MyHome enables Wordpress powered websites to easily develop an engaging client portal for their ClickHome software.

Shortcodes are used to insert dynamic content generated from API calls to a ClickHome.MyHome API server. This content is based on the information stored for each client. Clients must login before accessing any page containing a MyHome shortcode.

MyHome can be found on the WordPress website, once downloaded, the zip file can be extracted into /wp-content/plugins/.

The MyHome plugin includes 4 further zip files, while not required, these included themes & plugins further extend MyHome by offering a compatible theme & simpler page editing.

  1. - Parent theme
  2. - Child theme
  3. - Plugin to enable grid/column layouts 
  4. - Addon for SiteOrigin-Panels plugin

Before you begin

So you have decided to run a MyHome client portal, before going any further, now is a good time to consider a few things:

1. Will you be implementing MyHome yourself, or will you require assistance from someone at ClickHome?
You're more than welcome to install MyHome yourself, but we're also more than happy to help you along the way.

2. Will MyHome be a stand-alone website, or will it be integrated with an existing website?
We recommend installing MyHome as a stand-alone website. When integrating with an existing site, make sure to check compatibility with your existing Wordpress installation & plugins.

3. What is the address/URL of the website, & what are the admin credentials?
If someone at ClickHome will be assisting you with your installation, we'll need to know the following:
4. What will your site-map be? Which pages will have what features or shortcodes?
  • Site Home/Login 
    • Logged In Home/Welcome
      • Tasks & Progress
      • Notes
      • Photos
      • Documents
    • FAQ 
    • About Us 
    • Contact Us 
    • Terms & Privacy Policy

5. What is your API endpoint URL? As well as contact form API key, advertising API key, & Facebook API key.
 Your ClickHome consultant can help you with this information.

6. How will you be branding the website?
A custom logo & background image can easily be added in MyHome Settings. Further styling can be achieved by customising the astrid-myhome child theme.