• All the Preconstruction Jobs that can be sold through Leads, should have a Sales Status For Sale.

  • The users you handle this operation should have certain Security Permissions. 
  • You will have to first Create a Security Role (Contact support@clickhome.com.au to discuss this set up)
  • Set this role up under the users who would work on the Spec sales. 

The set up is now complete. 

  • Login as that User. 
  • Choose the Lead that would be buying the Pre Construction Job. 
  • You will now see the option 'Spec Sales' As shown in the screen shot. 

  • Once you Shortlist it by clicking on the 'Star'. You will see it on the right hand pane. 
  • Once you know which one you would like to buy just click on 'Commit to Buy' at the bottom of the page.