Steps to configure issue signoff report to be sent to customer:

The steps required for the setup in the above tables in screen shot are explained here

1. Navigate to Administration > Company > Master Reports in ClickHome3 web application. Upload the crystal report you have created for Issue signoff choosing category as 'Construction' and security role as 'System Administration' and report title       as 'IssueSignOff Report'. This is the report that will be attached in the email sent to customer notifying them about maintenance issue(s) sign off carried out by them on the supervisor's field device. 

2. Email is sent to customer (uses the client's email address linked to job) and copied to myhome nominated email address specified in sgText1 for the validationentry 'ClickHome.MyHome.NominatedEmail'. Please verify if the email address is valid    one.

3. This entry with cdValidcode 'EMAILTMPLT' is optional ( If there is no entry, it uses the inbuilt XSLT for IssueSignOffReport). This is used to specify a customized email format to be sent to customer. If there is requirement for customized email format to be used 

    a. Convert the customized text provided by client into XSLT

    b. Update the XSLT into mLargeText column for this validationentry 


4. When signoff happens, the operation codes specified are used as event trigger, notifying that issueoff has happened. When there is no event trigger specified in tblStandardProcess, there will be nothing to process and no issueoff email with PDF        is sent. In tblStandardProcess - there is a record with operation code 8340 and 8341. 8341 - specifies what action to take when this operation happens ( eg: to run IssueSignOff Report)

   sgRunEvents to have the value <actions><action name="Run IssueSignOff Report" opcode="8341"><parm name="sgTextValue2">SampleIssueSignOff.rpt</parm></action></actions>

   The .rpt file name will be value from sgReportFileName in tblMasterReports

  When issue signoff and signoff links are synced to the server successfully, it creates a backendjob with operation code 8341. Once the backend job completes processing, email will be sent to the client's email address and copied to nominated email address (if one exists in tblValidationentries).