Within ClickHome we have 3 key dates that are used for KPI's on contracts

  1. Client Handover Date
  2. Estimated Move in date
  3. Baseline Complete date

To Configure the main KPI dates on a job the system needs to know which tasks are the key indicator for Progress. These tasks are configured on the Template against the Template Detail.

To Configure this go to:

  • Administration > Leads/Presite/Construction > Template and select your template and task.

The configuration of these tasks occurs under: 

  • Additional Details > Baseline 

The below options when selected will run a baseline and set the start date, with the associated task as the start.

200Update On Schedule First TimeWhen Scheduled the First Time Only
201Update On Schedule Any TimeWhen Scheduled the Any Time (Scheduled, Rescheduled for any reason, and each time)
202Update On Schedule Before Date StartWhen Scheduled for the first time, or any time when the new schedule date is BEFORE the dtDateStartSchedule.

220Update On Schedule Completed TaskWhen Task is Completed

These options should also update the Start Schedule Date on the contract.

The options below should also be configured, and relate to how you want to calculate the end date of the baseline.

300Update Estimated Complete On ForecastWhen the Forecast is performed update tblContracts.dtDateEstimatedComplete with the tblWorkitems.dtEstimatedComplete from the Task after every time Forecast for the Job is updated.
When the Baseline is performed, update tblContracts.dtProgrammedComplete with the tblWorkitems.dtBaselineComplete from the Task after every time Baseline for the Job is updated.
400Update Estimated Client Move In On ForecastWhen the Forecast is performed, update tblContracts.dtDateEstimatedClientMoveIn with the tblWorkitems.dtEstimatedComplete from the Task after every time Forecast for the Job is updated.
701Update End HandoverThe Actual Complete (or Date Due or Date Estimated Complete) determines the End of Handover Measure
800Update Completion DateTemplate Item Baseline event on Forecast and Baseline only

The Following shows the workings of these events:

Baseline Calculation

When a baseline runs (based on the Update Tasks) at the end of the baseline process it updates various date fields at the contract level based on the baseline date, and the baseline event value on the corresponding template item.

If you use Update Completion Date (800) it updates the Baseline Complete date to the date of this task. If 800 is not used and Update Estimated Complete on Forecast (300) is used - this event will update the Baseline date.

If Baseline Complete is not updated using any of the above ways, then it takes the maximum baseline start from the tasks.

Forecast Calculation

When a forecast runs, at the end of the forecast process - it updates various date fields at the contract level... same as for baseline - using the same template item field baseline event.

Update Estimated Client Move in on Forecast (400) - Updates the estimated client move-in date

Update Estimated Completion date on Forecast (300) - Updates the Estimated Completion date for the job - If this date is not used, it uses the client handover date instead (see below).

Client Handover Date

If Update End Handover (701) is used it will update the Client Handover date automatically based on the baseline date of the associated task but if Client Advised date (701) is not used, the value does not change. This is useful if you want to maintain a client advised date through the interface by editing it manually.

An alternative would be to allow users to edit this manually and add the following Event (5202, Update Client Handover date) at the handover task to update it based on completion of a task per below