How to find a client in ClickHome 3

The following outlines the various methods of searching for a client within ClickHome 3. Note that while these steps are specifically based on searching for clients, the same process can be used to find other data sets or singular entries within the ClickHome 3 system.

Method 1

Using the drop down just under the ClickHome 3 logo, select 'Client' (1). Next, type in either the full or partial name of the client in the search text field (2). Finally, click on the search icon (3).

Clicking on the search button will return a list of matches that the ClickHome 3 system has found. (1) The client name in the results list can be clicked on (the cursor will change from an arrow to a hand) in order to open the complete details of that client (1) known as the 'Client Screen' in ClickHome 3

Method 2

Click on the Client menu (1) and for this method we will select Search from the sub menu (2)

The Client Search screen will load and you have the opportunity to search within various fields (1). When you have either partially or completely filled the Client Search screen, click on the run button (2) to run the search. Just as in method 1, a result page will be loaded from which you can select the client you are looking for. By clicking on the client name, this will bring you to the 'Client Screen'.

Method 3

Just as in method 2, we will begin by going to the Clients menu (1) except that this time we will select list (3) from the sub menu.

This method is the same as method 2 except that in this instance we are searching for everything and the result screen will show every client in the ClickHome 3 system. In many instances, this will return a large result set. ClickHome 3 incorporates filters on many of its lists and results pages (1). You can use these to refine your search when too many results are returned.

Method 4

If we can not remember a clients name, we can search based off a clients job number. Search by job number is the default search when performing a global search (the little house with a red roof is selected to the left of the search text field (1)). We may enter the job number of the client we are searching for (1) and then click on the search icon (2). This will return a result set known as a Job List (3) [note that the client names and addresses have been blanked out, but these will normally be populated with the corresponding client and address for that job].

From this list, we can select the job number of the client we are looking for. For this example, I have selected job number BLD1124. Just like other search lists the primary identifier which in this instance is the job number is a selectable link which we can click on. You will notice this by hovering over a particular job number, the cursor will change from an arrow to a hand.

Once we have selected the job, a Contract Detail page will load. It will display the job number (1), the client for that job (3) and in the tree menu, a link to the client page for this job (2). To bring up the client details page, simply click on the client name in the sub tree (2).

The result is as below (1)


As you can see from these four different methods there are various ways of navigating through the data stored in your ClickHome 3 system, clients being a simple example. While there may be other methods of searching, for simplicity we have included only these four examples.

However, if you find a shortcut or an even easier way of searching for clients or any other data stored in the ClickHome 3 system, feel free to submit it in the appropriate category on our discussions page. It will be reviewed by our staff and published so that other users of the Click Home 3 system can also benefit.