How to find a client in ClickHome

The following outlines the various methods of searching for a client within ClickHome 3. Note that while these steps are specifically based on searching for clients, the same process can be used to find other data sets or singular entries within the ClickHome 3 system.

Method 1

Using the drop-down just under the ClickHome logo, click on Search. Next, type in either the full or partial name of the client in the search text field (2). If we can not remember a clients name, we can search based on a clients job number. The results list will be displayed in the section under the search field (3).

The client name in the results list can be clicked on (the cursor will change from an arrow to a hand) in order to open the complete details of that client known as the 'Client Screen' in ClickHome 

Method 2

Clients can also be searched from within the Leads, Pre-site, Construction sections of ClickHome. 

For example to search for a client from the Leads section, click on Leads in the left navigation bar. Type the name of the client in the Client Name (1) field as highlighted in the screenshot below. Click on the search icon (2). The client details (3) will appear in the right-hand section of the leads UI.

Another alternative way to search for the client is by entering the client name in the top search field. The results will be displayed below the search field as highlighted in the screenshot below:


As you can see there are various ways of navigating through the data stored in your ClickHome system, clients being a simple example. While there may be other methods of searching, for simplicity we have included only these examples.

However, if you find a shortcut or an even easier way of searching for clients or any other data stored in the ClickHome system, feel free to submit it in the appropriate category on our discussions page. It will be reviewed by our staff and published so that other users of the Click Home system can also benefit.