When using Maintenance Jobs - ClickHome supports two new features to make it easier to arrange callups for maintenance activities.

Maintenance Contacts

If your supplier has different callup details for their maintenance division compared to normal construction callups, then you can configure a maintenance contact similar to the example below.

  1. Create a new contact
  2. Set the type drop down to Maintenance
  3. Enter the relevant contact details
  4. Save (toolbar now shown)

When a supervisor does callups on a maintenance job with the new maintenance module - if the supplier has a contact specifically for maintenance as shown below, then the callup will be generated using those contact details.

Maintenance Resource Code

We now support a new generic resource code for maintenance and construction, similar to the all tasks resource code '*' used in SiteManager in ClickHome2.

If the job is Maintenance, then in addition to showing any supplier or trade configured for the correct resource code, it will show any trade or supplier with the M* resource code also. This allows you to use some general handy-man resources for a wide range of tasks. Similar C* works for normal construction jobs.