Spec Sales is a module of ClickHome3 that provides a live register of Preconstruction and Construction Contracts (House and Land) as well as Land which has being marked as 'for sale' by the builder. 

When qualifying a Lead, a salesperson is able to view this list and show the customer homes that are already started and need a buyer as well as house and land packages they have available or land for sale.

Should the customer decide to purchase the contract, package or land, the system will connect the Lead to the existing Preconstruction, Construction or Land contract.

The Spec Sales module keeps all sales personnel up to date so there is no confusion as to what is available to sell to their customers. It gives them the ability to shortlist contracts if the customer is not yet ready to decide which one to purchase and then they can return and commit to buy the desirable contract when they have decided which one they want to purchase. At this point the contract is then removed from the list so that other sales personnel are informed.

Access to add multiple commitments to a contract or to uncomit from buying can be provided to the user based on the builders requirements.

Once the sale of Land is processed our state of the art Tenders Module will then assist in putting together the right house for your customer.