Security Permissions related to quotes

11101 - Setup Quotes

11102 - Complete Quote

11103 - Approve Quote

11104 - Reactive Quote

11105 - Complete Quote Response

11106 - Cancel Quote Response

11107 - QuoteInitiateRFQActualswithDefaultSuppliers

11108 - QuoteInitiateRFQActualsforAdditionalSuppliers

11109 - QuoteInitiateRFQActualsforAnySuppliers

11110 - QuoteViewQuotesinallStatus

11121 - Quote Distribute to Supplier

11122 - Quote Distribute Manual to User

Template setup

Go to Administration > Preconstruction > Quotes

A new RFQ template set can be added through 'Click here to add new item'

Give a name for the template set, business unit and acceptance as Manual Assigned. Hit save and you will see Details button


A new RFQ template can be created by clicking on Details button from the above screen

Give a template name, description, minimum sent (which defines the number of quotes needed to be sent), minimum response (which defines the number of responses need to be received before finalizing), required days (number of days which each RFQ is valid for), mandatory (yes/no)

Hit save to get Details button

RFQ template items can be added by clicking on Details button on the above screen

Add preferred suppliers, linked documents (which specifies the document category needed to be send out with email). Add line items - description, sequence, cost code, unit of measure, estimated minimum and maximum amount on quotes, acceptable variation percentage of the amounts, mandatory (yes/no). Hit Save