Initiate is the stage where we decide what needs to quote, which preferred supplier is it going to etc. 

Go to the preconstruction task which has quote set up on template. Click on Quotes. Separate quote will show up for each supplier in this tab. Select the quote which needs to be initiated, add instructions and click on Initiate button on bottom


The quote request will send out to supplier at this stage.

Select the quote which needs to be sent to the supplier and click on Distribute button


Review tab shows if a response has been received from the supplier.

To edit a quote response, click on the supplier from Review button. This will take you to supplier’s quote screen 

By clicking on Edit button for the respective contract, you will be able to go to response edit screen and add data there

On response edit screen (below) add required data from supplier and price, tax and quantity. Clicking on Complete button (green tick) will save this response and send across to Review tab

Once the response has been entered and completed, go back to task > Quotes screen

Quote response is now visible on Review tab


User can accept/reject quote from a supplier on this tab. Tick Accept on the one which is going to proceed with and click on Accept button on bottom. Other quotes will automatically be rejected after you accept one