This is controlled by the template item and the link to the inspection template setup in Template edit. 

Task/Linked Inspections are generated 7 days before the Estimated Date of the Task they are linked to. There is also an assessment done on Schedule if an inspection record is required and is missing, it'll generate. This is to cater for shorter term changes like reassignment of Supplier etc. We always ignore the Resource Code and Frequency in the Policy assigned to the Inspection for this Inspection Type. Task Inspections also are not affected by Inspection Policies, and a single generic Policy can be used for all Task Inspections.

Task Inspections will only be generated for the original task or a callback task, not for split tasks, additional instructions or multiple callups.

Construction > Inspection Policies

... > Inspection Categories

... > Inspection Templates > New

Fill out details then Save

Click on the "Details" text under Actions

Choose relevant Areas

Set up relevant Questions

Add any Standard Comments


Navigate to your Template Item you wish to add the inspection against

Choose the Inspection you set up

Hit Save against Inspections

Hit Save against the Template Item Detail

You have added the inspection to the template item.