The Trade Allocation tool allows you to visualize resource utilization across groups of tasks and jobs to see that your best trades are being kept busy, and that your jobs are not being delayed by over allocation work. You can see jobs across multiple supervisors, regions and resource groups (eg brick layers, tilers, carpenters etc) and see both un-allocated and scheduled work and utilized and available trades.

Tutorial - Trade Allocation



You can start by choosing "Trade Allocations"  from Resources on your home page. 


Trade Allocation screen has multiple panes serving different purposes. 

These panes can be hidden by clicking on the 'Collapse all Panes' on the top right corner or hide them individually. 

You can also click on Full screen to get a better view. All these points can be seen in the screen shot below. 


While using Trade allocation Screen, the first step would be choose whose (Supervisors) jobs will we be looking at and which resource code are we interested in, for example Brickies or Brick Sand Delivery or Slab Pour etc. As highlighted above you can chose these from the filters pane. 

The "Smart Supplier" filter will remove any suppliers from the timeline that do not have a task allocated in the previous or coming few weeks.


You may notice that the screen below looks wider. This is because of the full screen mode. 

You can choose Supervisors, Regions, Resource codes and Suppliers, by just clicking on the names from the list. 

Chosen names will be highlighted. You can edit the selection by clicking on the name, which will unchecked that entry.

You can also view just the highlighted or selected ones by clicking on the box below each item (As shown in the screen shot). 


You can also choose a time frame by choosing the slider in the timeline. 

As you can see from the screen shot 'Hanson Construction Material' has a few tasks planned for the 20/08/2015. 

You can see more information about the tasks by hovering over it or by looking at the Task details pane on the left hand side. (You can pin it back on if you wish to see it all the time). 


As you can see from the screen shot 'Hanson Construction Material'  is highlighted in red while the rest are not. 

This is because  'Hanson Construction Material' can only accommodate 1 task at a time.  'Hanson Construction Material' have  been set up to have a capacity of just 1 clickhome. This can be maintained in click-home by going to Administration -->   Resources --> Resources --> Details ( of a specific supplier)  --> Resource Pool and Capacity .


If you wish to hand over one of the piering tasks to some other supplier, you can simply drag and drop it. 


On the changed items screen you, all the changes you have made will be listed. 

You can then choose to accept or do a reload and start again. 

The callups are only sent after you have saved the changes.



Here are some other tabs that would be helpful. Unscheduled tab, gives you a list of tasks that have not been scheduled.

It would only show tasks that can be done by the resource codes chosen in the previous screen.  

You can either drag and drop tasks on the dates you think would be appropriate or you could just click on this button and it would schedule the task on the forecasted date.  


One of the options is to Highlight the tasks on screen, based on the entity you choose here. 

You have different ways to view the information on screen. I have now changed the tasks to show the job number as well (As opposed to the previous Screen shots which were just Task names)


You save the search filters that you were working on for future use.