Employee leaves and new employee starts etc

Before you add a new user, please ensure that you remove the role of existing user before adding the roles to the new user or all users will not be able to access Clickhome.


This solution assumes that you are reassigning a role from a users who has left to a new user.

The following is a solution if your users are not able to log in to Clickhome due to licensing being exceeded



Open your SQL Server Management

To check to see which users have what licences


Open a new Query, enter the following and execute.  The results will be displayed

In a new query enter the following and execute

The results show if any licenses have utilised.  This example shows only one, yours may include many


The following shows how to disable any users, therefore releasing any licenses that have been assigned to them .

(This screenshot is a continuation of the first screenshot)

At this point any licenses that was to that user is now available to be re-assigned and users are will be able to log in to the Clickhome application.