From the iPad, the supervisor has the option to send additional instructions to the supplier on a scheduled task. This will send a new call up with the existing details (date, time, address) but with the new Additional Instructions.

** Note - You will need to confirm that your XSLT and Call Up Report are configured to display the mMessageBody field, this is where the Additional Instructions are stored. You can contact ClickHome Support for additional information if required.

This is useful if site conditions change for example "Please do not park on the next doors nature strip" or "Site access combination has changed - now 9999".

To send additional instructions, go to your Task List and click on the orange box in the Status column.

Choose Send Additional Instructions.

Enter in the Additional Instructions and click Send Instruction.

You will get a message saying "Success" after you send.

There is also the functionality to modify unsynced Additional Instructions.

To do this click on Send Additional Instructions again against the task

Clicking Yes will bring up the stored Instructions for editing, No will clear the instructions and allow you to start again.