Auto tasks are created when there is a PO, whose cost code is not linked to any task in the templates.


In other words, they are the tasks that supervisors have to attend to, but were not linked to any specific task when the template was set up .


In the example below the cost code 0203 was not linked to any task in the callsheet.

The special Task will be a ‘free’ task (i.e. not linked by precedent to any other item) and will have the same Supplier as given on the purchase order and will have a descriptive name as follows:  Autotask for PO=12345/037. 

The purchase order will also be linked to the ‘Autotask’. 


There will always be auto tasks, some will be correct as they are new items or cost codes that are not matched, some will be one off items that are job specific and some you would like to remove from ClickHome as they are not relevant. They can be handled in the following ways

Unmapped Auto Tasks:

1. Identify the cost codes, and link it to an existing task in your template.

2. Identify the cost codes (as in the screen shot above, or you can do it from the ipad as well), and create a new task in your template.

more information here: Purchase Order Matching

One off Items

1. Let them be, as you can not capture all of them. As every house is different, this part is inevitable.

Unnecessary Auto Tasks:

1. The ones that are not necessary can be handled in this section. If you enter the cost code here, clickhome will ignore those PO's. (Only for new Pos coming in).