Setting up branches against a supplier allows your supervisors to select the local branch and keep your estimating raising purchases orders against the head office.

A classic example would be Bunnings.

  1. Firstly all the branches need to be setup in ClickHome, as any Supplier: contact details, contact method, resource codes links etc.
    If the Supplier are imported from another system in your ClickHome, ensure that in the source system the branches exist with all the information required. They will then be imported in ClickHome automatically.

  2. In the head office of Supplier, under Branches, select from the drop down list the branch to add. The whole list of suppliers can take several seconds to load, depending on how many suppliers are set in your system.
  3. Once the branch is selected you need to select the Branch Rule:


- Match directly: It is the default one if no branch, not preferable when setting up branches

- Optional Selection: manual selection by the Supervisor. In case of Supplier Allocated from the PO, allows your Supervisors to select the branch of their choice belonging to the Head Office the PO was raised from.
The Head Office needs as well to have this branch rule selected to work.


- Forced selection: not implemented yet
- Match by Region: if Region is set up and used in your ClickHome system (Suppliers and Jobs for instance) the selection of the branch is done automatically based on the Region. (future implementation)
- Match by Resource Code: if the Head Office has many resource codes linked and some of its branches are specialised, the selection of the branch is done automatically based on the resource code of the task. (future implementation)

A sync is required to load the changes.