To edit a tender;

1. Go to the Tender list in the horizontal navigation bar;

OR drill down to the Lead or Presite job to get the specific tender for the job;

3. Select the tender that you need to edit

It will turn blue and now the buttons on the top right hand side (1,2 and 3) can be selected.

a. Button 1 - This is the Copy Selected Tender button

b. Button 2 - This is the Edit Selected Tender button

c. Button 3 - This is the Estimate Selected Tender button

        3a. Click on the 'Copy Selected Tender' (Button 1 above) to make a copy of the selected tender, see below;

        3b. Click on the 'Edit Selected Tender' button (Button 2 above) to make changes to the tender

        3c. Click on the 'Estimate Selected Tender' button (Button 3 above) in order to edit the tender as an estimator.

4. In the tender edit / estimation screen the prices of the packages and options can be overridden by typing in new prices in the Override section in pane 3.

5. In the Tender Estimation screen, there are more statuses available that the Estimator can select before completion of the Tender estimation.

6. You are able to view the Margin when the Client Mode box is unselected. 

The Margin is the difference between the House price and the house cost. 

To be able to view the margin, the user must have the right security settings (operation code 12114)

7. To add a document to a Tender go to the Document Upload screen on the right.

8. Once you are in the edit or estimator view of a tender screen you can switch between these views (if you have permission) by clicking on the below buttons;

- Move to estimation screen

- Move to edit screen

9. The Tender level can be changed using the 'Change Level' drop down field as per below this requires permission (op code = 12205)

10. When reviewing the tender, the tabs in pane 3 'Summary' and 'Review Filters' can be used.

Summary = allows approvals in bulk and review of items by quantity under a specific filter.

Review Filters = way to filter items out to see which ones require action in pane 2.

11. When editing options which have selections or choices, pane 3 will have a tab appear called 'Choices'.

Selecting the option in pane 2 e.g. Bath

Then the choices of which bath can be made in pane 3 > Choices tab.

After using the add button to add a new choice you can then select the area, the bath, the qty and write a comment.

Once this is saved it will add the choice to pane 2 and the option will now turn green indicating that the choice has been made successfully.

12. Whilst reviewing the details of the packages and options if there is a lot of text and you would like to view it all you can use the checkbox 'Show package and option full text' which is located in pane 1;

13. Options can be allocated to areas by quantity and a comment can be added if required, see below.

Select the option from pane 2, then go to the Areas tab in pane 3 and allocate your quantities to their relevant areas adding comments where required.

NOTE: the areas are customisable and they are added per house type and/or per package. 

14. After selecting areas for the items to go in you can review the tender by area.

Go to pane 1 and change the tender from 'Normal View' to 'Selections by Area'.

This will change pane 2 so that there are now a series of tabs (Areas) across the top.

Clicking on these will filter the pane 2 items and only display the items allocated to that area.

NOTE: the areas are customisable and they are added per house type and/or per package.  

The other views are;

- Selections by Category = same concept as by area with tabs at the top that filter however these are for categories which are also setup in the administration module.

- Addenda View = ?